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Summer Camp Food

Contribute to our food needs here at Beaver Camp! Want to ensure the staff have enough coffee every morning? Want to provide fresh fruit to the campers? Have you always loved s’mores, and want to supply the marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate for all the kids this summer? Now you can sponsor those foods!

See this list of the various ingredients we use in the Beaver Camp Kitchen, and how much it costs to supply them!


Coffee: $450

Hot Cocoa Mix: $427

            Lemonade: $370

            Apple Juice: $300

            Orange Juice: $250

            Cranberry juice: $200

S’mores: $430

            Marshmallow $55

            Chocolate: $330

            Graham Crackers: $45

Ground Beef: $1020

All Beef Hot Dogs: $500

Hot Dog Rolls: $245

Assorted Chip Bags: $300

Fresh Vegetables:

            Baby Carrots: $160

            Celery: $120

            Cucumbers: $220

            Cherry Tomatoes: $150

Fresh Fruit:

            Apples: $65

            Oranges: $90

            Bananas: $150

            Grapes: $300

            Watermelons: $700

Small Tortilla Shells: $200

Large Tortilla Shells: $70

Sausage Links: $380

Pancake Mix: $100

Flour: $170

Sugar: $125

Butter: $265

Margarine: $135

Snacks for Staff: Choose a week and supply some!


If you are interested in donating for food, please contact Mike Judd at 315-376-2640 or